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Online Communication Training for Business Professionals

 Presence:  Connecting over Video

We have become more remotely connected in the last few decades but in this time of total separation much is lost. Using Applied Improvisation we take a practical approach to helping each person find the most charismatic version of themselves. They discover how to express themselves and be more convincing despite the technology separating us. Whether it be for presenting, influencing, meeting or client consultations the ability to be active and attentive, speak freely and convincingly coming from an authentic place. The workshop focuses on building skills through physical presence, perception, vocal skills and rhetoric technique. It will give your colleagues insight and ability to bring a relaxed, caring, perceptive and charismatic presence.

4-6 participants for 2 x 3 hours tailored to your needs, can also be an ongoing workshop.

 Engaged:  Dealing with Uncertainty

Uncertainty is an uncomfortable state for all humans. It causes stress and stress leads to poor health and poor performance. Applied Improvisation is built around making the most of uncertainty. We view uncertainty as an opportunity to build something or change something for the better.

Our training will give participants the experience they need to change their mindset. In a practical way we highlight the role of uncertainty and help each individual deal with it constructively in their own way. Using exercises that focus on attentiveness, associative patterns and collective creativity we will embolden your colleagues to stay engaged in the face of ambiguity and search out opportunity and resolve when faced with uncertainty.

4-8 participants for 2 x 3 hours, tailored to your needs and requirements. Can also create a series of 1-on-1 sessions.

 The Tale:  Finding the Story and Style

Storytelling and narrative are the greatest ways to engage our clients and colleagues in-house and out. It is what engages and captivates listeners. It is what educates us, stays with us and ultimately defines us. This workshop will be run by our expert storytellers and screenwriters building skills for identifying the strength, poignancy and vast possibilities in stories and developing and discovering types of narratives. Helping your colleagues to understand theoretically and emotionally the power of stories. Where is the tension? What is the plot?  What is the twist? Why do we connect or remember things? How to use characterisation, suspense and generate a transformative arc. These are great tools for defining products, teams, and organisations alike.

4-12 participants, 2-16 hours tailor made for your needs.

 Same Page:  Strengthening Teams at a Distance

Traditionally people like to be together. Quality time usually means in company. More minds are almost always better than one. There is little doubt to these statements, as there are so few exceptions. Now, with the workplace seeing key players and leaders separated, we realise more than ever the limitations of working remotely. However the company’s performance relies on their work more than ever. Focus, timing, inspiration are all necessary to keep teams optimal and performing especially when they spend so much time apart. The need for team mindset and collaborative efforts in your team is maybe more imperative than ever. The course will present exercises in collective creativity, trust, active listening, group associative and problem solving skills. Very practical collective tasks that generate self awareness and train better use of their communication skills for the online platform.

4-12 participants for 3-12 hours and tailored to your needs.

 Appeal:  Focused and Charismatic Leadership

Remotely managing teams is new to many of your corporate leaders. Managing teams through crisis and uncertainty is maybe the most demanding and essential thing that leaders must do. Believable, caring, authentic and decisive leaders are key. It is intimidating to have to be so much at your best. This training tries to put your colleagues at ease while building skills for modern leadership and transformation management. Building self-awareness and confidence in their own personal style, their own strengths, unique qualities and characteristics can be exactly what helps them become the best leader they can be and the type of leader your organization needs. Listening, sharing, understanding with appeal and blending charm and decisiveness will help transform your organization in the long run as they manage the growth of themselves and their teams along the way. This course will focus on interpersonal, influencing, convincing rhetoric and active listening skills for leaders.

1-6 participants 4-16 hours, catered to your needs and can be offered as a repeating 1-on-1 coaching session or as a repeating group session.