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“When I took public speaking lessons from Andrew Hefler, I thought we would read up texts, formulate words and expressions. Instead, we played with roles, managed egos, and produced dramatic situations. We made theater, produced new skills and more self-confidence. Everything you need for a for a good speech!”

-Zsuzsa Szelényi, Parliamantarian and Advocate

“Andrew Hefler is a dynamic, inspiring, and delightfully challenging force of theatrical nature. I would highly recommend Andrew as a master teacher, especially if you veer toward the theatrical and emotional. He'll resonate with you long after you've had your after-workshop beers.”


"Andrew is much more than a performer, an instructor or a coach... He is a true showman! With his unique style, Andrew will take you in an artistic odyssey, keeping every single sense busy for the whole ride. If you are lucky enough to work with him, be prepared to unleash the musician, the entertainer and the actor residing in you."